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We aim to facilitate and optimize investment in the real estate market in Budapest.
Thanks to our experience and expertise, we propose a unique offer enabling international investors to achieve their objectives. Thanks to our Investor Pack, which integrates the whole investment process, investors can build up their real estate assets by freeing themselves from obstacles.


  • A booming, dynamic real estate market

    The real estate sector in Budapest is booming. In 2018, its market showed the best performance among European capitals. Moreover, its annual growth has enabled it to be included in the first place in the prestigious top 10 cities (Knight Frank's Global Residential Cities Index 2018) in terms of price growth.

  • One of the most advantageous tax systems in Europe

    Budapest offers international investors tax solutions that allow them to benefit from advantageous taxation:
    - No property and housing tax,
    - Single tax scale of 15% on rents without charges,
    - Capital gains exemption after 5 years,
    - Non-double taxation thanks to tax agreements between world wide countries and Hungary.

  • Economic growth with a promising future

    Hungary has been benefiting for several years from a favourable economic situation. Indeed, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance underlines that "the good dynamics of the Hungarian economy continues" and "unemployment is at a historically low level". These positive elements allow our investors to position themselves in a healthy, growing market that offers significant development opportunities.

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Building up a real estate portfolio

Creating an optimized international real estate portfolio to prepare your future safely.

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Passive income generation

Generating passive sources of income through tailor-made management and high return on real estate investment.

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Facilitating access to a booming market offering attractive returns and prospects for significant capital gains.

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Heritage Diversification

Offering real estate assets in a growing European economy to protect your assets thanks to risk distribution.

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Tax optimization

Offering tax solutions that allow you to benefit from advantageous taxation in Europe.

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Preparing for retirement

Implementing tailor-made strategies in order to plan your retirement and prepare your future serenely.

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Preparing for expatriation

Preparing a life project in Hungary thanks to a personalized analysis of your situation and a network of professionals to accompany you.

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Protecting your family

Ensuring the future of your spouse and children by taking advantage of investment opportunities adapted to your needs.

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  • Secure assets

    The assets presented to our investors are quality properties, carefully selected and optimized for maximum occupancy rates

  • A dynamic developing market

    The development of tourism, the international attractiveness of universities as well as economic growth stimulate the development of the rental real estate market

  • A privileged location in Europe

    Hungary is at the heart of Europe and benefits from its strategic location to attract significant foreign capital flows. As the "Paris of Central Europe", Budapest is attracting a growing number of international investors

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