Our mission

Our goal is to ease and optimize the process of investing in the Budapest real estate market.
Thanks to our experience and expertise in this sector, we offer a unique package to help international investors reach their goals. By including the entire investment process in our Investor’s Package, you have the opportunity to achieve your real estate goals free of any obstacles.

Why invest in Budapest?

The real estate sector in Budapest is in a strong growth trend. In 2018, this market performed the best within a major European capital. Moreover, its yearly evolution has led it to the first place in the prestigious world top 10 of “Knight Frank’s Global Residential Cities Index 2018” regarding price growth.

Budapest offers international investors tax solutions that allow them to benefit from advantageous taxation:
– No property and housing tax,
– Single tax scale of 15% on rents without charges,
– Capital gains exemption after 5 years,
– Non-double taxation thanks to tax agreements between world wide countries and Hungary.

Hungary has benefited from a favorable economic situation for several years. Indeed, even the French Ministry of Economy and Finance underlines that: “the good dynamics of the Hungarian economy is maintained” and “unemployment is at a historically low level” in Hungary. These positive elements allow our investors to position themselves on a healthy, growing market that offers significant development opportunities.

  • Théophile ELIET - 2019
    « Thanks to the complete management of the investor pack, I was able to buy several apartments in Budapest, which boosted my passive income! It was very comforting to be accompanied and advised by an experienced team that knows the local market. I especially appreciated the reactivity and transparency of the Budapest Investment team. I highly recommend them! »
    Théophile ELIET - 2019
  • Viktória T. - 2021
    « Professional team, communication is also of high quality, their professional knowledge is outstanding. »
    Viktória T. - 2021
  • Marie D. - 2021
    « Responsive and caring team, I highly recommend. »
    Marie D. - 2021

The solutions we bring you

Building up a real estate portfolio

Optimizing the creation of an international real estate portfolio to prepare for your future with complete peace of mind

Passive income generation

Generating passive income sources through customized management and high return on real estate investment


Facilitating access to a growing market offering attractive returns and significant appreciation opportunities.

Asset diversification

Offering real estate assets in a growing European economy to protect your assets by allowing risk spreading

Tax optimization

To offer tax solutions allowing to benefit from a especially advantageous taxation in Europe

Retirement preparation

Setting up tailor-made strategies in order to prepare your retirement and your future with peace of mind

Expatriation preparation

Preparing a life project in Hungary through a personalized analysis of your situation and a network of professionals assisting you

Family protection

Ensure the future of your partner and children by taking advantage of investment opportunities tailored to your needs

Do you want to secure your real estate assets?

A secure and efficient investment

The assets that are presented to our investors are high quality properties, carefully selected and optimized for maximum occupancy rates

Tourism expansion, increased international attractiveness of the universities and economic growth are all contributing to the growth of the rental real estate market

Hungary is strategically located in the very heart of Europe and therefore attracts significant foreign capital flows. Budapest is considered the ” Central European Paris ” and is attracting an increasing number of international investors.

An investment tailored to your financial goals

Investment strategies specifically adapted to your profile can be set up in Budapest.
Indeed, in order to meet the specific patrimonial objectives of each investor, we adapt the search for property according to the characteristics of the different districts, neighborhoods and type of property.
Then the renovations and decoration are optimized according to the selected rental mode.
To meet your specific needs, we have created 3 main strategic orientations:
stability, tranquility and performance.

Plan and strategy in business, Risk To Make Business Growth Concept With Wooden Blocks, hand of man has piling up and stacking a wooden block

combining property and security

This strategy is based on the selection of premium properties with a very high rental demand. Your assets will be secured and will develop with prestigious real estate in the most sought after areas of Budapest. This type of investment is ideal for investors looking for the durability and security of high-end real estate where the main objective is long-term capital gain.

businessman protection money on table with tree. concept saving

risk management and development

This strategy focuses on developing neighborhoods that are becoming more attractive to rent. Your assets will develop with a good balance between risk management and profitability. This type of investment is ideal for investors wishing to generate additional income or prepare for retirement with an attractive return while benefiting from the prospect of long-term capital gains.


Performance: profitability and

This strategy focuses on more accessible properties that offer high returns but have less prestigious land and are susceptible to higher volatility. This type of investment is ideal for investors seeking performance and optimized passive income over the long term. This strategy requires comfort with more aggressive risk management to achieve higher returns.

Want to know more about our investment solutions?

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