A strong history, a central geographical situation and a growing economy

High potential assets and opportunities

Hungary and more particularly Budapest is in full development with a young, qualified and dynamic population. This population is coming to live here permanently, taking advantage of the new infrastructures and activity centers. Moreover, tourism and international university exchanges are on the rise. By strategically positioning ourselves at the heart of this new market and by carefully managing the selected assets, we allow our investors to take advantage of highly profitable opportunities. These investments provide the opportunity for substantial appreciation and are highly safe.

Investing in the heart of Europe and its future

A brief overview of Hungary and Budapest

Hungary's GDP growth reached 4.8% in 2018, according to Eurostat, even higher than in 2017 (4.1%)
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Near full employment with an unemployment rate of 3.7% (November 2018) standing at historically low levels
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Budapest is the Hungarian capital and has a population of 1.8 million inhabitants
Tourism continues to grow and over 4 million tourists visited Budapest in 2018
The current city of Budapest was created in 1873 by the unification of Buda, Pest and Óbuda on either side of the Danube.
Budapest, the Danube's "pearl", has a centuries-old history and a rich heritage with more than 30 cultural heritage sites in Budapest.

The co-founder of Budapest Investment

"Budapest real estate is a promising sector with significant growth continuing to increase in value considerably since 2013. Moreover, the quality assets we are selecting are optimized to provide significant profit returns to our investors."

François Dalleau

Advantages of the Hungarian market

Real estate prices in Budapest are among the most affordable in a European capital. Indeed, they vary on average, depending on the district, from 1500€ to 3000€ per square meter. In comparison, Paris with an average price per square meter of around €10,000, is one of the cities where real estate is the most overpriced according to the IMF.

The favorable economic context in Hungary as well as the development of tourism, the increase of expatriates and the growing attractiveness of Budapest’s universities promote the valorization of the rental property market. All of these factors make it possible to generate returns around 10% of gross return.

Real estate sales in Hungary are conducted quickly thanks to a favorable legislative environment. Quality real estate, especially rental investment products, rarely stays on the market for more than a few weeks.

The acquisition costs are about 5%. Transfer taxes are about 4% and attorney’s fees represent about 1% of the purchase price. Moreover, the absence of property and housing taxes as well as the unique tax scale of 15% of net revenue excluding charges allows to benefit from a very attractive tax system.

The Hungarian legislation is more favorable to landlords than to tenants compared to France. Moreover, the sectors in which we are strategically positioned, student rentals and short-term rentals, benefit from a virtually eliminated risk of non-payment.

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Budapest in full economical development

Strong economic fundamentals focused on the long-term future


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Head offices and businesses
Central European area


"The most promising sector is the one targeting tourists and foreign students. The returns on investment are the highest with proper risk management."

François DALLEAU

Reliable tenants
Tenants from university exchanges, expatriates or tourists provide a virtually non-existent risk of rent default.
Record high occupancy rates
Budapest's attractiveness and economic vitality have led to an explosion in the demand for housing, which allows us to offer to our investors occupancy rates for student rentals close to 100%.
High net yields
The careful selection of properties and the strategic sectors we operate in, combined with Hungary's attractive tax environment, allow us to offer high returns to our investors.
Increasing rents
Increasing demand for quality rental properties means that rents can be discounted upwards, thereby boosting the profitability of real estate assets.
Significant real estate market appreciation
The economic, tourist and cultural attractivity of Budapest, as well as its strategic position in the very heart of Europe, have led to a steady growth in the real estate market, with an average increase of 10% since 2013.
A safe environment
Budapest has a safe and secure environment that is particularly family-friendly.

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